Supernova Flashlight / Video Light

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Lightly lubricate O-rings with silicone grease prior to use and maintain lubrication at all times.

Supernova is what the name implies. Very bright with a powerful wide angle beam, this torch is ideal for diving, video, search/rescue, boating and much more.  The video light / flashlight is waterproof to 400 ft / 122 meters.  (Important: to maintain waterproof seal, be sure to clean and remove debris from O-rings on body and charger port cover and lightly apply silicone grease before use.  Click to go to Flashlight FAQ for more information on maintaining your light.)  Rechargeable lithium ion batteries provide consistent, 500 lumen illumination.  The lantern grip allows for easy hand held usage and the 3 position push switch provides full power, 30% power and emergency strobe. Durable anodized aluminum construction make this rugged torch the choice when max illumination is needed.  Kit comes with convenient carry case and contains the Supernova, battery charger, four adapter plugs (US, Europe, Asia, and Australia), charger port cover key, video mount, hex wrench, lanyard, and (2) replacement O-rings for battery compartment.  New Supernova video mountModel# ISN 5000.

1)  Waterproof to 400 feet / 122 meters.  (Important: to maintain waterproof seal, be sure to clean and remove debris from O-rings on body {battery compartment} and charger port cover and lightly apply silicone grease before use.)
2)  500 lumens at full power / 180 lumens at 30% power.
3)  LED lifetime: 100,000 hours.
4)  Operating environment: -4°F to 113°F / -20°C to 45°C.
5)  Beam angle: approximately 49 degrees.
6)  Light: round dispersive light.
7)  Switch: magnetic push.
8)  Burn time: approximately 3.5 hours at full power; more than 10 hours at 30% power.
Supernova AC110~240V charger set9)  Color temp: 6500~7500K
1)  Case: 6061-T6 Aluminum.
2)  Surface finish: Matte black.
3)  Lens: Clear glass lens.
4)  Waterproof silicone O-rings: charger port cover (2) qty 14×1.5mm; battery compartment (1) qty 45×2.3mm, (1) qty 45×2.2mm
Electrical data:
1)  Light source: 3 CREE Q3 LED.
2)  Electrical current: High beam 1000mA +/- 30mA; Low beam 300mA +/- 30mA.
3)  Battery: 3  “18650”  rechargeable Li-ion battery with protection circuit.
4)  Charge time: approximately 2.5 to 3 hours.
Product net weight and dimensions:
1)  Net weight (including battery): 26.6 oz +/- .35 oz; 754g +/- 10g.
2)  Dimensions: 6.2 x 2.7 inches; 158mm x 69mm.
Product specifications subject to change without notice.


Important note: To insure durability of the rechargeable Li-ion batteries, keep batteries fully charged.  DO NOT allow batteries to become exhausted.  Recharge as needed or once every 3 months if not in use for long periods.  When not in use, or for travel, unscrew battery slightly to prolong battery life and avoid accidental turn on.

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